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Egg pasta of durum wheat flour extruded through bronze. The slow drying at low temperatures allows to the components of this product to remain unaltered and preserve their original taste. 

Ideal quantity for 3 servings 

Starting from 4,05

The Truffle Sauce is the most known and sold truffle product. Delicious and easy to use in the kitchen. Appetising to spread on a slice of toasted bread for a tasty antipasto, excellent to flavour first and main courses, for both meat and fish recipes. Exclusively made with extra virgin olive oil, champignon mushrooms and composed by no less than 8% of Black Summer Truffle.
Recommended quantity: 15g / 20g per person


Exquisite variant of the Truffle Sauce, the most known and sold truffle product, enriched by the addition of black olives which soften its flavours. Appetising and easy to use in the kitchen, spread on toasted bread or to flavour first and main courses, for both meat and fish recipes.

Starting from 7,60

All the convenience of a cleaned and ready-to-use truffle, that you can slice or grate. The whole Summer Truffle is kept in wather and salt, it is perfect for every recipe that do not necessarily demand the addition of extra virgin olive oil, cooking cream or other kinds of condiments. 


All the convenience of a sliced and ready to use truffle. The slices of Summer Truffle are kept in extra virgin olive oil, they release all their fragrance when served on hot dishes. 

Starting from 11,10

All the convenience of minced and ready-to-use truffle . A sauce only made with finely minced Black Summer Truffle. Once heated, it is perfect to be spread on warm toasted bread, to flavour omelettes and first courses, but even as accompaniment to main courses made with meat and fish.