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White Truffle

White Truffle

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Starting from 125,00

The king of the table par excellence, the prized White Truffle is the finest and most expensive among all the truffle varieties. Its aroma is unmistakable and exceptionally intense and delicate at the same time. It is harvested in autumn until the very end of december. The size varies, from around 10g to 50g. 
Recommended quantity: 10g/15g per person

N.B. The price of fresh products is often subject to unpredictable variations and the user may notice upward or downward fluctuations

Fresh White Truffle

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Egg pasta of durum wheat flour extruded through bronze. The slow drying at low temperatures allows to the components of this product to remain unaltered and preserve their original taste. 

Ideal quantity for 3 servings 

Starting from 4,80

All the flavour of the excellent extra virgin olive oil combined with the intense flavour of prized White Truffle 


Butter cream enhanced by the recognizable touch of the prized White Truffle, which enriches the uniqueness of a flavour as incomparable and intense as that of White Truffle. 

Starting from 6,60

Mousse made of porcini mushrooms with an intense but delicate flavour, which allows to well appreciate the precious addition of White Truffle. 

Recommended quantity: 15g / 20g per person

Starting from 6,60

Truffle sauce with White Truffle: a base of champignon mushrooms enriched by the presence of the true king of the table, the White Truffle. 
Recommended quantity: 20g per person